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Our Next Workshop

When: December 1, 2018 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Where: The Sea Star Bar in Dogpatch, San Francisco

Update: A portion of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated towards help for our neighbours affected by the Camp Fire

We are very pleased and more than a little excited to announce that The Sea Star has graciously agreed to host us for our cocktail classes.

We can now offer our workshops to the public! This is a pretty big milestone for us, and marks a lot of firsts. It is our first time opening our workshops up to the public. It’s our first time at The Sea Star. It’s the first time we’ve made cocktails under a huge octopus lamp. So many firsts.

Because of all these firsts, we're offering our workshop at a reduced introductory price—over 20% off.

 Alicia working her magic…

Alicia working her magic…

About The Sea Star
The Sea Star is a cozy Dogpatch bar run by Alicia, one of our favourite people in all of San Francisco. We are inspired by her sublime cocktails; awed by her skills; and humbled by her passionate support for equality, inclusion, justice and the right for women to be in control of their own bodies.


Our Workshops

Paul & Dave’s Mixed Drinks gives hands-on workshops where you learn the basics of making craft cocktails, and the essentials to throwing a great cocktail party.

Core Techniques Workshop

What You Learn

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You learn the core techniques you need to mix delicious cocktails at home using easy-to-find, off-the-shelf ingredients. Our classes are similar in spirit to cooking classes by a professional chef at a nice restaurant: you won't be a bartender after taking our class, but your home cocktail game will definitely improve! We also throw in some (not entirely factual) history of cocktails. Our classes are very hands-on and participatory and, most of all, fun.


In the class, you use a full set of bar tools: shaker set, strainers, beaker, bar spoon, etc. You mix along with us as we walk you through a basic spirituous cocktail (like an Old Fashioned) and a citrus cocktail (like a Daiquiri). You learn the purpose of each tool, and how to use it. We emphasise the building blocks of fine craftsmanship: mise en place, accurate measuring, and presentation.

You go home with much more than a bunch of cocktail recipes: you gain the ability to turn any cocktail recipe into a delicious masterpiece!


Our Core Technique Workshops are ideal for team-building events or fundraisers.

We can come to your office, or set up in a licensed establishment to teach you and your team how to make delicious craft cocktails.


Cocktail Party Workshops

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Great cocktails are an important part of a great party. But there is so much more. We believe a great cocktail party comes from attention to the details, we have broken these details down into seven areas (scroll down to see more).

We offer invite-only events Cocktail Party Workshops where you can experience a great cocktail party and learn how to bring all these elements together at your next soireé.

At our Cocktail Party Workshops, you experience first-hand—as a philosophe or salonièrre—a cocktail party made up of the seven elements (these are in no particular order):

Party Theme

Our Cocktail Party Workshops each have a theme. This helps tie all the other elements together. Some themes we have used in the past: New Orleans, Detaxification, Holiday Mixer.

Cocktail Menu

We believe that any cocktail worth drinking has a great story. You will see examples of cocktails that fit the party theme and learn their amazing stories.

Guest List

In our experience, a great cocktail party harkens back to the salons of Paris. At our workshops, you'll experience a broad spectrum of opinions.



Proper glassware is critical. It's partly attention to detail, and it's partly physics. A cocktail should be cold, not cool or warm. A Martini will stay cold in a proper 6-oz coupe.


Yes, how you and your guests dress is a thing, and it's an important thing. In fact, science says it's important. You can get some helpful hints here.


Serve hand-held bites. A cocktail party is not a sit-down dinner: remember that the idea is to get lots of diverse conversations happening. And never, ever serve drinks without food. We believe that booze without food is très gauche—for drunks and those who drink vodka sodas.


This element of a cocktail party should really be called ambiance. The music selection is important - and can be a great way to personalize your cocktail party.


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